Membership Policy


Grain & Glass is first and foremost a social space where we encourage our Birmingham Whisky Club Members to get to know each other and benefit from a community of like-minded whisky enthusiasts. Please treat the bar, our staff and our guests with respect. Rude, rowdy or drunken behaviour will not be tolerated, we reserve the right to revoke membership, refuse service and/or ask you to leave the bar at our discretion in any instances of antisocial behaviour.


The 10% members discount is exclusively a perk of your membership and can only be used in line with your own individual drinks and tickets. The discount does not extend to any friends and non-members.

Any other discounts the Grain & Glass may choose to offer at any time are at our discretion.


Our membership packages are intended to bring together Birmingham’s whisky community. The bar, events and activities are all geared towards facilitating the regular meet up of likeminded individuals in a nice space. We are keen that our members attend the bar regularly and take advantage of the events we coordinate, members who rarely pay us a visit may not be granted a membership renewal on the basis that we would offer the membership to one of our waiting list of regulars wishing to join as a member.


If you are a Cask Strength member and can’t attend the festival then your ticket can’t be transferred to someone else. There is no cash substitute.

You must be an active member in order to gain access to the festival using a ‘Members Ticket’. If you have brought a ‘Members Ticket’ for the festival and your membership is due to run out, please renew in time to avoid being refused entry.

Single Malt members will get a discounted festival ticket, the code will unlock a discount and we will open sales to members ahead of general release. If you are keen on coming to the festival please make sure to book your ticket within this window to avoid disappointment as the festival sells out quickly.


Member’s birthday dram has to be taken within the month of your birthday. There is no cash or bar tab substitute.


The Bottle Keep is available to both ‘Cask Strength’ and ‘Single Malt’ members.|

If you want us to buy: There is a 20% service charge on all bottle keeps for Cask Strength members, 40% for Single Malt members.

There is no limit to how expensive the whisky of your choice can be.

All bottles must be purchased through Nickolls & perks, please go on their website to select your chosen whisky and us know – you will then have two weeks to come in to the bar to pay.

If you want to buy: bring a bottle to the bar of your choice and pay a one off service charge of £35 (SM), or £25 (CS)

The bottle will be kept safely in the bar with your name on a tag tied to the neck of the bottle. It is yours to enjoy at the Grain & Glass but we ask you drink responsibly and still buy drinks from the bar. We reserve the right to intervene and take the bottle back behind the bar if we believe it to be in your best interest to do so.

All bottle keeps must be drunk on site and none are permitted to leave the premises.

Bottle keeps must be finished ahead of your membership expiry date if you choose not to renew, unfinished bottles will return to the property of the Grain & Glass within 6 weeks.