23 April 2022

English Distilling

The exciting realm of English distilling.
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24 February 2022

Whisky Myths – How and What to Enjoy

An introduction to enjoying whisky your way and what constitutes a 'good' whisky.
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10 December 2021

Our Recommendations for Christmas Tipples

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23 November 2021

Christmas Whisky Shopping

Your guide to shopping for whisky in Birmingham this Christmas.
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26 October 2021

Introducing – Renata

As we explore new beginnings and an exciting future at Grain & Glass, we wanted to introduce you to our new team. In the first of several features, we take some time to get to know Renata, one of our whisky specialists and organiser of events at Grain & Glass.
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12 October 2021

Exploring New Distilleries

Venerable distilleries have earned our trust with a history of quality drams; we know what to expect and their legacy in the industry means their brands are synonymous with whisky itself. However, as the exciting world of whisky skyrockets in popularity, new distilleries are opening and bravely defining their own signature in a market full of industry giants.
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