2-26 people

Cask Influence

£40 per person

The ideal way to explore the cask's influence and the flavours they impart. A rich and delicious guided experience.
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Whisky can be matured in different types of cask that have contained other types of drinks before being used in the maturation process. This influence creates lots of different flavour profiles within the whisky. This tasting looks at whisky with six different types of cask influence, and the impact they have.

Tastings take an hour, to an hour and a half depending on questions. If you would like to book a table to continue drinks at the bar after your tasting just let us know.

If you would like to book at a later time than the options offered in our booking widget, please let us know in the ‘Special Requests’ section of the enquiry form and we’ll see what we have available.

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