As we explore new beginnings and an exciting future at Grain & Glass, we wanted to introduce you to our new team. In the first of several features, we take some time to get to know Renata, one of our whisky specialists and organiser of events at Grain & Glass.

Where did your interest in the whisky world start?
I was always curious about how spirits were made, but then I started to work in a whisky bar in Vilnius and became fascinated with the variety of flavours that can be achieved with just three ingredients. So, I started to travel to Edinburgh regularly to study more about whisky and I met lots of great people in the industry and it just grew from there.
What do you love about whisky?
How after trying hundreds of whiskies, it still surprises me. There’s so much variation in what already exists, yet every week there are stories of new and exciting experiments being made.
What are you excited about achieving at Grain & Glass?
Fundamentally, I’m fascinated by how whisky is made. I’ll be working with industry experts to create events at the Grain & Glass where we explore how whisky is crafted, curating tastings where we deep-dive into the geeky side of the industry.
Back in Lithuania, I hosted tastings at the whisky bar and worked with one of the best catering teams in the country to organise private events and experiences. I’m looking forward to combining this experience with my passion for whisky.

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